Starling: Q&A with Abbey Waterworth

  • July 10, 2018
Starling: Q&A with Abbey Waterworth

Ozarks songbird Abbey Waterworth is rapidly becoming a regional favorite. Her sophomore album, Starling, arrived in the summer of 2018 in time for what she calls a “dream come true” performance at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville. Compass Rose served her with a rapid-fire Q&A:

How many instruments do you play?
Five. Guitar, Bass, Banjo, Ukulele, and Kazoo; I’m a kazoo master if that counts. I can piddle around on others, but those are my main instruments.

Brunch or happy hour?

One word to describe playing the Country Music Hall of Fame?

Favorite non-Springfield city?
New Orleans

If you could have coffee with any musician from history, who would it be?
John Hartford

What would your coffee order be?
Cold brew; John would definitely drink black coffee.

Favorite format to listen to music?
Digital, I listen to YouTube all the time.

Favorite word?

Hypothetical extraterrestrial mind-control scenario in which you get an old suitcase turntable and two records until the end of time. Both related to Springfield, but you get to pick them. What are they?
The Daredevils new album [Ozark Mountain Daredevils, Off the Beaten Path], and probably Big Rock by Big Smith.

Describe Starling in about a tweet 
A really moody album about hard times and derelict characters; [sounds like] a weird mix of hillbilly, 20s jazz, and dream pop.

Where do you write most of your songs?
At work in my downtime and on my windowsill

What’s your dream venue to play?
It was the Country Music Hall of Fame. So, Carnegie Hall.

What’s your favorite pre-concert meal?
Salmon and broccoli from Galloway Station.

River or ocean?
The River

Favorite author? 
J.D. Salinger or Harold Bell Wright

Best cartoon from your youth?
King of the Hill

Where is Starling available?
On Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby; at the Acoustic Shoppe, wherever I’m playing and at my pop-up shop [in downtown Springfield]. Find Abbey Waterworth on Facebook for details.

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